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Something isn't working? If this list doesn't answer your question, email membershipservices@cael.org for help.

How do I log in?

If you suspect that you are not logged in, click on the three dots on the right end of the header bar. If you are logged in, you will be able to view your schedule and purchases here. If not, select the login button and enter your email address.

What time zone are sessions scheduled in?

Yours! This site pings your device for its location, and matches its time zone. Sessions display in your local time zone.

How do I access the sessions?

If you've added a session to your agenda, you will receive an email reminder with access information 60 minutes and 10 minutes prior to the session start time. Alternatively, you can also navigate to the session you are looking for from the schedule tab and gain access from there. At the session start time the page will refresh to display a video or redirect you to Zoom. 

What if I am logged in but there is nothing on my screen and the session starts in 5 minutes?

Once the countdown clock on a given session hits zero and we have arrived at the session start time, the session page will refresh and either display a video or redirect you to Zoom.

What if I am running late - will I still be able to access the sessions I signed up for?

Sessions are available to view during their duration. If you arrive 55 minutes late for a 60 minute workshop, you can still catch the last five minutes!

How long is each session?

Most sessions are one hour in length, but they range from five minutes to two hours. The length of each session will display accurately in your personal calendar after you have built your schedule and added sessions to your calendar.

Why can't I access the session I've added to my schedule?

You might not have fully completed your order when you registered. To ensure that you are logged in and registered, click the three dots on the right end of the header bar to check to see if you are logged in and able to view your purchases. If needed, complete registration by navigating to the register button on the header bar.

If you are certain that you have completed registration and are fully logged in, another possibility is that you are unable to access a particular session because your ticket does not have permission to view it. You must purchase an all-inclusive pass to view pre-conference workshops, keynote speaker Q&As, and session recordings.

Why can't I access pre-conference workshops, speaker Q&As, or recordings?

You need to upgrade your ticket to an all-inclusive pass to view these sessions.

Members-Only Access

✔ Complimentary to CAEL Members

 ✔ Access to live sessions in most tracks, excluding pre-conference workshops and keynote Q&As

All-Inclusive Access

✔ $289 for CAEL Members

✔ Access to every track, including pre-conference workshops and keynote Q&As

✔ Access to every session recording through May 31st, 2021

What if a session has started but the video isn’t working?

If you experience technical difficulty with your access, please check back. If the video or connection isn’t back after a couple minutes, please know that the session is still being recorded. Recordings will be available within 24 hours of the session's ending for those who purchase the All-Inclusive Access.

What is the next step for technical help if I continue to have access problems after troubleshooting on my own? 

First, be sure you are logged into the CAEL conference website (see How do I log in question). Please be sure that your internet connection is working. If you still need technical assistance, please email us at membershipservices@cael.org for technical help.

I've purchased the all-inclusive pass, but some recordings are missing.

Recordings of live sessions will be uploaded to the site in the evening of the day the live session took place. The recording should be posted by the following day.

I'm having trouble accessing caelCONNECT.

caelCONNECT is CAEL's online membership community. All registered attendees receive an invitation to join the community directly to their provided email address. If you are unable to login, please submit a ticket to request assistance via this form.

I am unable to view sessions.

Please check out the system requirements for both Zoom and Youtube. You may also need to check your internet speed to ensure it is performing at the levels indicated by Zoom and Youtube's system requirements. You will need a stable internet connection to view sessions. You can also try to plug into an ethernet cable if you are struggling with wifi as that can be more stable.